Photography “Just about life”

My love for education,  travelling and life experience plays a big part in my life as a photographer.  I have been involved in photography for several  years.  My favourite journal is  Proto-sociology,  which is “Just About Life”. My passion is photography, but I don’t regard myself as a professional photographer because you never stop learning especially the body of the camera. Until that day I stop learning, please put me into a museum.
I like to capture the moment, seconds and the minutes. My work is based on “just about life”. The happy times, sad times, living the dying and death.  We as people, animals,  anything that breathes has a meaning. well, I would like to think so! I much rather take pictures in natural light then studio.  Although I have taken pictures in great studios, but, personally nothing beats natural light because it’s real. I tried to avoid stage poses , but sometimes I  can’t help it.
I would say my work is a bit quirky in terms of “off the wall”  with a bit  of globalisation,  simply reason  because a lot of my work relates to what’s going on.  i.e. global recession, poverty,  the rich, Living, dying, drugs, depression  and so much more.  I guess I’m trying to say it really is,  “just about life”. Have a look at my web site, and,  I think you would know what I mean. If you like what you see, follow my blogs.

Photography "Just About Life"